Monday 6 November 2017

Kevin Spacey Is The Product Of A Godless Depraved Society.....................from Daniel Thomas

People should not be surprised by the revelation that Hollywood idol Kevin Spacey enjoys having sex with men and young boys. Sex with children is accepted as a perfectly normal practice among inhabitants of Tinsel Town as their defense of abominations like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen demonstrates.

Sex between adults and children may not be acceptable just yet by the public at large but among those who have declared themselves the enlightened leaders of society it is considered to be a normal, healthy and natural sexual practice. They believe that pedophilia will eventually become as normal and acceptable as homosexuality and other forms of unnatural sexual and gender dysfunction.

Child sex abusers are not confined to perverts like Kevin Spacey or the entertainment industry; they infect every area of life from politics and the judiciary to sport and community organizations. Even the Roman Catholic Church has had its scandals with enrobed pedophiles assaulting choir boys when they thought God wasn't looking.

The sad fact is that the more widespread child sexual exploitation becomes the louder the call for it to be legalized.

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