Monday 6 November 2017

Nov 4th was an AntiFAILure...............from Rico

The libturd MSM gave AntiFa endless advance free coverage and hyped their 'refuse fascism' Nov 4th kickoff, transparently wetting their collective panties over the prospect of something BIG happening.
- Just listen to the MSM [crickets chirping] in the aftermath of this YUGE AntiFAILure. I'm sure they'll give this as much coverage as they will the Soviet Flag being waved at these events, or that the Revolutionary Communist Party and Georgy Soro$ are behind things.
Ooopsie. Turnout was LOW, and had all the excitement and energy of a Hillary campaign rally.
- HS basketball games have had better turnouts.
The two Left Coasts (both East and West) were pathetic.
- Los Angeles only mustered a couple thousand 'protestors' (many of whom were paid).
- NYC only several hundred 'protestors' (many also 'rentals').
- Seattle had maybe fifty 'protestors' (but they DID sport a Soviet Flag).
- And Texas a few dozen 'protestors.'
Yeah, nothing says "I'm a real loser" like 'protesting' the election of Trump-Pence by supporting and waving the flag of murderous totalitarian ideologies.
- Note that they were NOT 'protesting' Communist Hillary and her bought-and-paid-for DNC 'rigging' the game against Socialist Bernie, or that Bernie took a free house and car to 'endorse' Hillary.
Go back to Mommy's basements now, snowflakes. Your 'man-buns' and 'pink pussy hats' are on waaaay too tight!

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