Tuesday 14 November 2017

The Politicization Of The Police And Demise Of The British Bobby................from Daniel Thomas

                                               A picture gallery to illustrate the demise and degradation of a much loved and respected public institution.

When the political elite commandeered public institutions and agencies to use as agents of the state to impose their ‘progressive’, multi-cultural agenda none was more visible and humiliating than the transformation of the British police force and its Bobbies.

The British police force with its dark blue uniform and unique egg-shaped helmet was until recently a highly visible example of public service and law enforcement. Every village and town had its police officers pounding the beat alone or in pairs on foot or bicycle in the case of larger constabularies.

Armed with only a truncheon and a whistle the sight of a Bobby walking his beat was enough to deter the bad guys and mischievous youngsters, of criminal or bad behaviour. Things were slightly different in the cities where the police used horses and motor vehicles.

The prime purpose of the police force was to serve and protect the public by enforcing the law of the land; this purpose has been perverted into enforcing political correctness and imposing a ‘progressive’ agenda which includes cultural replacement with it’s a so called ‘multi-cultural society’.

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Mark Matis said...

So what you're saying is that the UK has become the US. And every other Western government, as far as that goes...

Daniel Thomas said...

The UK is much worse than any other country. I have never seen a cop in the US or any other western country prancing around in high heels or with painted fingernails or wearing silly masks or kissing in a gay parade or simulating sex with a half naked carnival dancer. etc. etc.

I'm ashamed to say the British police have sold their souls to the political class and their 'progressive' agenda.