Tuesday 7 November 2017

When the 'narrative' is unclean. Again.....................from Rico

After the Texas Church slaughter, the Democrats (C) and AntiFa (C) within hours were calling for "gun control" and behaving like Paleswinians after 9-11.
While occupied with pushing their agenda of disarming good Americans and leaving them helpless, they ignore:
- The shooter was a Leftist CNN-viewing anti-Christian who was stopped by a 'good guy' with a gun.
- The shooter lost his gun rights in 2012 when he became a felon and received a Bad Conduct Discharge from the USAF for abusing his wife and child.
While we can now add "felon, BCD discharge, wife & child abuser" to the above description "anti-Christian, CNN-viewing, Lefturd" and now mass-murderer, are there perhaps 'other' descriptors that we can add?
Hmmmmm. No one in the leftist MSM is asking that question. They aren't likely to tell people any of the following, since it doesn't fit their pre-scripted gun-grabbing 'dream narrative' which always has been a white guy with an eeevil black assault rifle commits mass murder = gun control for everyone now!
By tradition, Muslims purify Muslim corpses by washing them, trimming and cleaning the nails, and shaving them/cutting the hair so they are 'clean' when they enter heaven.
Before one of them blows himself up in an act of Jihadist dumbassery...er, terrorism, they shave and attend to their grooming and hygiene so they are 'clean' before they go to 'heaven' and meet their 72 Virgins. 
We do not yet know if this 'bad guy' was a radicalized Muslim convert, but we DO know he was very far from being 'normal' - description above germane [read: Leftist, CNN-viewer, anti-Christian, spouse & child abuser, felon]
....one wonders how he was registered to vote before becoming a felon?
Didn't we just have the largest mass-shooting in Las Vegas a month ago? What has happened to that story & narrative now? Why has that disappeared from the news?

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