Friday 29 December 2017

As 2017 comes to an end...........................from Rico

Sayanora 2017
Ten years has passed so very quickly!
- Some things to consider (especially for those who remember all the winners of the Super Bowl, yet make new friends when they return to work after a long weekend) as we face a new year.
It has been 10 years since the "financial crisis" began in 2007. Since then:
- Gold has risen 98% in USD
- Gold has risen 124% in EUR
- Gold has risen 190% in GBP
Or, looking at it another way, that is how much these fiat currencies have devalued in terms of purchasing power.
- It takes more un-backed/non-redeemable paper government promises to buy the same amount of physical Gold.
For that matter, Russia and India too. They are NOT stupid people or bad businessmen. They have spent at least the last decade (likely longer) accumulating physical Gold.
- Many Western Central Banks became buyers of physical Gold once again after 2007-8.
What does this tell you?

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