Thursday 7 December 2017

Bigger Than Dan Friedman

With Trump's announcement today reaffirming Jerusalem as Israel's capital and ordering the preparations to move our embassy there, a new era has been born and an old one has died. This more than eclipses the highly-overrated Balfour Declaration - it makes good on the promises the perfidious British reneged on almost immediately, causing the needless and tragic death of 100s of thousands of Jews in the Holocaust. But Trump's statement makes good on an even more important promise. G-d's everlasting covenant with the Jewish people written thousands of years ago in black and white in His Torah. This flies in the face of the fallacious teachings of our tormentors down through ages, and serves both as a rebuke to them, a warning and an invitation to accept our eternal holiness with an open, outstretched hand - lest we cut it off.

On a more mundane level, Trump's decision drives a stake into the heart of the Jewish liberal-left here in the USA. For years I've been saying they have been moving against the tide of Jewish history. And today they were inundated. They became totally irrelevant, their dreams of an Arab/Muslim state within the boundaries of the Land of Israel smashed to shards that will never be pieced together again. But knowing the nature of the Erev Rav, we can expect them to still keep floundering and making trouble wherever they can.

Lastly, even while we rejoice that we lived to see this great day, we must also take note of the approaching darkness on the horizon. War is coming to Israel's environs, and Trump's statement may have actually sped up that process. The President left unsaid the new Persian empire and the new Hamans who control it. Perhaps it was not the occasion for it, but Iran's hatred for the Jews and the modern world we helped create is no less than it was at the time of Mordecai and Esther. And as predicted in the Haggadah, they are coming after us once again. We will have little choice. Jews will have to fight for their lives and honor again. But may this be the Final Battle we read about in the Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel; and usher in the age of peace, speedily in our days.

Dan Friedman

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Mark Matis said...

If you can get your FedPig Jews to drop the Russia scam, President Trump might very well be able to take care of the Geraniums. Russia is merely using them, thanks to "Killer Rabbit" Carter, to counter our swill in Saudi. There is no good reason that the United States and Russia could not work together to eliminate the scourge of Islam from the face of the earth forever. And deal appropriately with China as well. But your government Jews will never tolerate any such thing.