Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Don't feed the bears.......................from Rico

SNAP [a catchy 'new' name for Food Stamps, which remains "food stamps" in everything BUT name now] purchases concentrate on...wait for it...soda pop and junk food. Not rice and beans.
- Gee, who woulda guessed that?
Don't feed the bears, but feed the dependency class crappy food.
- Can you imagine the outcry from the tree-huggers, PETA, et al IF we fed the bears that kinda crap? [read: carbonated high fructose corn syrup drinks, and salty highly-processed faux-food] Which is never going to happen, since bears can't vote for their own welfare benefits...neither early, nor often, much less vote Democrat.
- But it's apparently OK for the dependency class that has been created, as long as they register to vote for their EBT cards.

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Anonymous said...

I think you've been misled. Look into the "pepsi economy" that exists in a huge part of middle America. SNAP recipients buy cases of soda with their card, then walk them around back and sell it all back to the merchant for less. This gives them actual cash money, and is not explicit fraud. Whether that cash is spent on basic necessities is unknown.

It would probably be less expensive to change $X of SNAP benefits to 65% of X, redeemable as cash. Or a third of the benefit amount to regulated food items (like in the old days of food stamps) and half the benefit amount as cash. If you give someone credit or money, they'll spend it how they want, and resent the snot out of you if you demand they spend it your way. That's Americans and I don't knock them for that attitude.

OTOH, "soup kitchens" or what sci-fi authors used to call "dole yeast"; hand outs of actual physical food would cost a lot less, and generate a huge number of low paying workfare jobs in the creation and distribution vectors.

I'd like to see many millions of us get off of welfare. May as well just write off the money spent so far; IMO demanding that former recipients pay it back keeps many many people from getting jobs.

Also, we need to encourage a Made In USA desire because we need millions of more jobs for these people. That means lower tech factory labor mostly. Can't put America back to work if all the jobs for the eloi have gone offshore, and like every other nation, at least half of us are eloi. That's just how people are. We also need to change the education system to encourage "bootstrap" skills. Home Ec and Shop on a wide scale, so that people can care for themselves and develop life skills. There are plenty of opportunities out there for hands-on people in the trades ... which of course leads me to immigration reform and illegal alien purging, since so much of those "guys with ladders" jobs have been taken over by the south of the border folks.