Saturday 2 December 2017

"In" Mike Flynn........................from Rico

Dirty Cop  Mueller, and Obama-Comey crony, thinks he is "in" Mike Flynn (not to be cornfused with the expression "in like Flynn"), thinking that three wrongs [read: lies] make a right. Let's see:
Gen Flynn was fired by President Trump for 'misleading' [read: lying] to VP Pence.
Flynn finally, (entrapped or not - what difference does it make?) is now charged with one count of 'misleading' [read: lying] to the FBI.
So, Mueller's 'deal' with Flynn is to give him a free pass...providing he 'misleads' [read: lies] and cooperates with the fake Russian Collusion investigation [read: wild goose chase; witch hunt].
We have a serial liar, testifying on behalf of serial liars, in an effort to 'nail' Trump...and Hillary's real [for libtards: not fabricated, but tangible] criminal actions, some bordering on treason and including murder* [read: mishandling highly classified e-mails, Uranium One, Benghazi] go uninvestigated and unprosecuted.
- All at the same time a murdering, felonious, multiply-deported illegal alien scumbag walks away scot-free after a San Franpsycho judge rules "what difference does it make?" that he killed a US citizen named Kate Steinle and open borders Democrats (C) rejoice like Paleswinians at the attack on NYC's Twin Towers.
What am I missing here?
*Vince Foster was unavailable for comment.

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Mark Matis said...

And we have filthy God damned fucking maggot pigs enabling this. May every one of them and their God damned whores soon burn in hell where they belong.

God damn them all to hell.