Sunday, 31 December 2017

Muslim Pirates & Slavers...................from Rico

From the time of the Crusades until the early 19th century, the Barbary Pirates [read: Muslim Pirates; think: modern Somali Muslim Pirates] were a plague to sea-going traffic, raiding ships of their cargos and taking crews and passengers for their slave trade (the practice of slavery still exists today in Islam btw).
- It ended when the US President showed some balls...pardon, testicular fortitude (sometimes called 'toxic masculinity' by liberal daffodils, assorted snowflakes, and progressive pansies) and sent the Marines to the "shores of Tripoli" (ring a faint bell?) and seriously kicked Muslim ass.
The attitude of the US ever since then has been "millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute."
- That is, until Pasha Obama rolled-over, bit the pillow, spread his cheeks, and offered himself up to his musloid brothers.
There is a new sheriff in town, and once again the US has a real President with (ahem) testicular fortitude mas grande.
- In less than one year, Trump has reduced the ISIS Pirates [read: sigh, yes more Muslim assholes] by 98%. Also called the JV team by Barry while seemingly unable (well, I'd say unwilling myself) to stand up to them. Barry always did prefer bowing or being supine in his dealings with others, especially Muslim others (the only similarity he bore to Lawrence of Arabia).

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Mark Matis said...

Obama did not stand up to terrorists because his natural posture was bent over. After all, he was a catcher, not a pitcher.