Saturday 23 December 2017

THE RIGHT ANGLE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2017.....................

The UN (Useless Nitwits) have slid from uselessness into irrelevance, and now is a septic pool of antagonism for America. It is time for it to join the League of Nations in the dustbin of history, and good riddance to bad rubbish.
Cutting-off ALL foreign aid to 128 UN members who voted against Jerusalem would be a good start, but only a start.
- Stopping all US funding of the UN would dry up the endless graft of this organized criminal enterprise.
Kicking the UN 'bums' out of the US and out of NYC is also an idea whose time has come. NYC can better use the building to house their homeless 'bums' population.
- The Earl of Taint has a wonderful suggestion, moving the seat of the UN to Somalia. Let's 'see' how this failed organization enjoys operating from a failed state.

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