Sunday 24 December 2017

They have gone mad, destruction to follow.....................from Rico

The stupid...and the delusional...just never stops with these people.
- They are 'mad'...barking mad. Those whom the Gods would destroy, are first made mad. The countdown has begun: "tritsyet, dva, adyin, zhiganya!"
Transgenderism, Socialism, I guess some people will 'believe' anything.
- Now we have the political climate cult using Christmas to hype their fake climate Canada, by Canada? Anyone who has had to deal with that 'climate' and shovel that much snow should know better than to fall for this happy horseshit.
As a devout "climate heretic" I find that pathetic and moronic, in equal parts.
- The scam of CLIMATE POLITICS has absolutely nothing to do with the PHYSICAL CLIMATE, and even less to do with actual scientific method....and everything to do with the transfer of wealth and power from the masses to their self-designated betters.

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