Friday, 8 December 2017

Two Flavors of Breathtaking............................from Rico

Absolutely breathtaking, in two flavors!
One flavor can be called "oh no"....let me rephrase that "Oh Hell NO!"
- Some "progressive" feminist non-profit wants people to celebrate "Resistmas" with a Hillary Clinton Angel Christmas Tree Topper.
- At a price of $140, both the idea and the price are a two-fer...BOTH celebrating absolute.fucking.cluelessness!
Just when I thought I had seen it all, this!
- And NO, I am not joking or making this up. Wish I were...
but if it weren't for bad judgment, "progressives" would have no judgement at all.
Another flavor can properly be called "I WANT one of these."
- Sadly, they are not really being made yet so I cannot put one atop my Christmas Tree, it exists only in the brilliant mind of the Earl of Taint.
- Thank YOU for this Earl! I really needed something to offset the above "progressive" display demonstrating the mind of an oyster, and your effort did the job.

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