Sunday 10 December 2017

Two hands full.....................from Rico

There is a Democrat (C) pattern of 'wishing' in one hand while both hands are already full of crap.
Remember when Sen Al Gore conceded the Presidential election to Bush, then later retracted his concession?
- Well, he tried to, but even hanging chads didn't 'work' for him.
Remember when Hillary could not bring herself to concede the Presidential election to Trump?
- She didn't even try to, instead continues blaming everyone else and all Putin's cousins, which has not yet 'worked' for her and never will.
What if Sen Al Franken (formerly D-MN) who just resigned, uses the election of Roy Moore (R-AL) to the Senate next week as an excuse to retract his resignation?
- Well, he may try to, but there are too many Democrat (C) wannabe-candidates for President in 2020 for that to 'work' for him.

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