Wednesday 17 January 2018

Apoca-crypto..................from Rico

Gee, an unbacked currency created out of thin air, what could go wrong?
No, I refer not to the fiat system we're burdened with, but to "crypto" currencies.
Bitcoin crashed 20% Tuesday, but it wasn't just them...all of them took a dump.
Had it been any worse, you'd think we were talking Zimbabwe Dollars or Venezuelan Bolivars.


Mark Matis said...

And of course the REAL question is just how much the NSA and the CIA and the FBI and MI5 and MI6 and the rest of that swill had to do with said crash. And let's not forget the Central Banks in that crew as well.

Eskyman said...

Hey, I know of a currency that is made out of thin air too!

Start with a private company called "The Federal Reserve Bank," which isn't federal, isn't reserve, and isn't a bank; have them print money that has nothing backing it, pay them well for doing it; pass laws that everyone has to use this funny money, oh I mean "U.S. Currency," and split the profits! No, not with the citizens- those suckers get to pay for it all, isn't that a joke!

We used to have currency based on scarce metals: gold & silver were easily worked & minted into coins (that's what the US Constitution calls for, but that's ignored,) and that money still retains its value. Our present day funny money doesn't. A $20 double-eagle gold piece, back in the year 1900, would buy a hand-made well-tailored three piece men's suit. Today, that suit would cost around $1300! Which, oddly, is what a $20 gold piece is valued at. Isn't that funny!

Sort of odd to have cryptocurrency labelled as phony, when the real fake is right in front of us!