Monday 15 January 2018

Democrat's have their "Let them eat crumb-cake" moment....................from Rico

Tax cuts?
- To badly paraphrase the immortal bard:
"Now is the Summer of the Democrats smug contempt, made glorious Winter by the Son of the Red States."
IF an American works for a living:
Tax cuts mean that by mid-February, the IRS-revised withholding tables have to be implemented, and it is estimated that 90-91% of everyone who works for a living will see LESS TAX taken from their paycheck, meaning MORE PAY to take home.
IF you flap your gums, lie, and bullshit for a living (yes, I'm talking to you, DemocRATs):
Tax cuts mean less of YOUR money for THEM to 'spread around' as they see fit.
The DemocRATs have their "let them eat crumb-cake moment." Here, in their own words, the party of Make Taxes Higher Again (DemocRATs) explains what tax cuts mean:
- Nasty Pelosi: mere crumbs; pathetic; Armageddon
- Schmuckie Schumer: Republicans will rue the day they passed this bill
- Bernie Sanders: morally repugnant; bad economic policy
- Liz Warren: tearing down democracy
- Kamala Harris: shameful
- Cory Booker: embarrassment of a tax bill
- Joe Donnelly: it's a tax hike on the Middle Class
- Jeff Merkley: will haunt America for decades to come 
All of which is encapsulated in the great American musician's lyrics to "The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing"...sing along with me: 
- "They just takes care of Number One, an' Number One ain't YOU, you ain't even Number Two..."
Last, and certainly intellectually the least, here is FranSanSicko Nan Pelosi again proving that even a stopped clock can sometimes be right:
"...the fact is, Congress is not doing its job."
Gee, while no one would know this better than you, no shit Sherlock?

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