Saturday 13 January 2018

Just close one eye, Liberals..................from Rico

The Democrats are losing their shit over reports that Trump said shithole. 
- Really, no shit.
Garsh, he must be the first President to say a bad word, huh?
- Never mind LBJ, Nixon, et al...
Our liberal fart-sniffers see no problem with Billy BJ using Monica as his personal cigar humidor, and are perfectly fine with Barry's 'liberal' display of his middle finger, signifying "fuck you."
- The Libturds pretend they'd never say "shit" if their mouths were full of it, but let's face it...all they are good for is talking shit.
Here's a fun idea: Trump should introduce a new word weekly, just for the purpose of making "progressive" cultural Marxist heads explode, and making CNN (the Crap News Network), NBC (Nothing But Crap), etc repeat the word ad nauseum.
- Schlonged has already been used, so we should 'move on' (see what I did there) to fresh words like, say, twatwaffle for example.
Here's a fun tip for everyone who's faux-offended: If you can't figure out whether to shit or go blind, just close one eye and fart.
- Go ahead and break like the wind, cupcakes!

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