Saturday 20 January 2018

ObamaGate..................from Rico

It's abundantly clear that Obama 'weaponized' the IRS and used it against those he viewed as opponents of his radical Leftist agenda.
- Lois Lerner remains free to this day, while she and many others at the IRS deserve prison...if not lamp posts.
It is then not surprising to learn that Obama 'politicized' and 'corrupted' the DOJ and FBI t use as weapons against those he viewed as opponents of his radical Leftist agenda.
- The illegal...and Stalinist...use of FISA to surveill and unmask Americans he saw as political enemies goes far beyond anything from Watergate.
These are not only high crimes and misdemeanors, but treason against the Constitutional Republic.
- Removals from office, firings, indictments and convictions are the very least American citizens can expect to result from the exposure of rampant criminality by Obama and his Obamunists.
This is ugly, and the only question now is how much uglier can it get?
- We're going to see soon...

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Drew458 said...

Smoke and mirrors and a great big circle jerk to appease the Deplorables. Nothing will happen, not now, not soon, not ever. Obama and his Choom Gang will never even be questioned, much less charged or arrested, and the Clintons can continue to murder their enemies without worry. Not one cent of billions of illegal donations, bribes, and outright thefts will ever be traced. Not a damn thing is going to happen to DOJ FBI CIA etc.

I'll eat my words with extra salt the day that the first 3 of these top dogs is convicted of serious charges. Should I live so long.