Thursday, 11 January 2018

The Architect Of The EU Immigration Disaster Kicks The Bucket......................from Daniel Thomas

There was much weeping and wailing in the gilded halls of the global elite recently as they mourned the mortal coil shuffling of Peter Sutherland, one of their most senior and revered members.

Known as the father of globalism, the term ‘faceless bureaucrat’ doesn’t begin to describe this fanatic who is the man largely responsible for the economic and cultural destruction of EU basket cases such as Greece, Sweden and Italy along with his native Ireland.

The cultural and demographic disaster engulfing Europe from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Sea and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Balkans is the result of this globalists’ total commitment to destroying the ancient cultures of Europe using mass immigration and replacing them with so-called multi-cultural societies.

He always used the term ‘destroying national homogeneity’ when referring to this cultural replacement agenda which is a politically correct term for what can only be described as ethnic cleansing.

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Tim said...

So she mis-spoke (lied?), was there sniper fire involved?