Friday 5 January 2018

They are NOT your grandpa's Democrats...................from Rico

These are NOT your Grandpa's Democrats, the Harry Truman or Hubert Humphrey flavor.
- Today's DemocRATS are Socialists too stupid to grasp that they are Communists.
Case in point is the DNC Deputy Chair, Keith X. Ellison D-MN, Muslim douche-nozzle and 'progressive' pork-chop.
- Here he is endorsing* AntiFa [read: domestic terrorists].
This does several things:
- It begs the question "How delusional can DemocRATS get?
- It says that violence against political opponents is OK with the leadership of the DemocRAT party.
- It proves that the greatest domestic threat to America are the hate group called DemocRATS.
*Stay classy DemocRATS: Violence, arson, looting, using fascist tactics against dissenting opinion, freedom of speech, civil liberties just SCREAMS that you HATE both the Constitution and America.

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