Wednesday 17 January 2018

What happened? This happened?....................from Rico

I recall EUropeons 'protesting' the rape of their women by 'rapefugees' last year by wearing skirts, and just the other day the MSM was enthralled by some 'fashion' designer showcasing dresses for men and suggesting it as a fashion trend (yeah, like purses for men was a yuge trend back in the '70's).
This leaves many of us asking "What happened?" if not simply "WTF?"
- Well, Darwin has failed us and there are too many 'soft' men today.
Eating tofu/soy hasn't helped, as it stimulates estrogen production...hence the term 'soy boys' (who can often recognized by their man-buns).
The solution?
- Eating more red meat and drinking from the skulls of our enemies would be a good start.

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The West - like every civilization before it - has lost its survival instinct.

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Civilizational Collapse and the Brain

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