Sunday, 14 January 2018

When nothing can be said, nothing can be learned......................from Rico

Progressives aren't good for much, and they're not good at much...except at denying reality and believing some incredibly stupid shit. They are about as useful as tampons in a men's toilet. Some cases in point:
- Communism-Socialism.
- Global, warming, climate change.
- Gender other than XX and XY.
- IQ
Let's go where many are uncomfortable, and talk about IQ. It's different for everybody...something the "progressives" like to pretend is not so.
- It IS.
Yes, there ARE places where people shit out in the open [read: shitholes], and there is an uncanny correlation between that and the average IQ's of those places.
- I shit you not.
When nothing can be said, nothing can be learned.
PS - Facts are not racist, they do not care about 'feelings' or 'political correctness'...they are inanimate and immutable, even in the face of Cultural Marxism which tries to define 'truth' as 'hate speech.'

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