Monday 1 January 2018

Where's the science guy Bill Nye when we need him, or Al Bore....................from Rico

Gee, cold & snow in Winter? What next...a hot Summer?
- What would we do without the weather service? Where the Hell is Bill Nye the science guy? A TV personality with a degree in mechanical engineering can certainly sort this out!
A storm forming with 950-970mb means one of two things for the coming week in the US:
1. More snow.
2. More cold. 
- How cold? So cold politicians will keep their hands in their own pockets.
Retards* that 'believe' in the Climate Change Cult have a great opportunity to give Al Gore all their savings, and half their income, and Al & pals will turn this shit right around!
*Retardation: Believing that mankind causes weather/climate to 'change' and not that big bright object in the sky called the sun [read: nuclear reactor], which is unaware of (and could care less if it was) carbon-based life forms upon the surface of planet earth.

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