Monday 5 February 2018

RIGGING writ Large......................from Rico

The entire Obama Regime was a criminal enterprise that corrupted as many facets of America and its institutions as it could, its efforts coordinated and focused on destroying the Republic from within.
- Sure, the criminal justice system became criminal under them...but so did the IRS, the Dept of State, and, well it's a long list and eventually it will be revealed just how far the rot and corruption of these radical Communists spread. Like the iceberg that sank the "Titanic" they were a radical political iceberg that tried to sink "America" and only the tip has so far been exposed.
Let's connect a few dots that the MSM obviously does not want to connect. This is where "conspiracy theory" becomes "conspiracy fact":
- Hillary fund$ an insolvent DNC during her campaign. Who has the gold makes the rules, and it was her gold so she made the rules.
- The DNC "rigged" the Dem Primary against Bernie and for Hillary.
- Donna Brazile slips debate questions to Hillary in advance of the MSM televised debate.
- The Obama Regime surveils candidate Trump using the US intel community.
- Hillary, the DNC, and the FBI pay for the fake "Russian Dossier" to smear Trump.
- The MSM colludes with the FBI, the DNC, and the Obama Regime to smear Trump 24/7.
                        GASP - Trump wins anyway!
- Lame duck Obama changes EO 12333 to "spread the intelligence data around."
- Hillary and the DNC falsely claim Trump was in cahoots with the Russians to defeat Hillary.
- The Obama Regime 'leaks' classified data to the MSM.
- The FBI 'leaks' classified data to the MSM.
- The DOJ 'investigates' a crime they know is false, that they participated in fabricating.
- The Obama Regime surveils President-elect Trump's transition using the US intel community.
= The Obama Regime, the US intel community, the DOJ/FBI, the DNC, and the MSM all conspired and colluded to try and elect Hillary President.
They ALL need to be fried for this......

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Mark Matis said...

We're gonna need more rope. Even if we reuse same until it is no longer able to support their weight long enough to snap their neck. And if "Law Enforcement" and the "Legal" system refuse to honor their oaths, then we'll REALLY need more rope.