Wednesday 7 February 2018

Size matters...........................from Rico

No this is not about Anthony Weiner, or George Costanza.
- It is called "shrinkflation"...when you pay the same amount for less product.
This also explains why official inflation numbers are under-reported.


Anonymous said...

I remember when a nickel package of M&Ms went to 25 cents. The 25 cent package was a lot bigger but the contents were the same amount as before. This was about 1969

drew458 said...

Blame the Mooch for this. It was part of her health initiative. It's hard these days to find a candy bar with >250 calories. So I just eat two. And it's only going to get worse.

Of course, downsizing is good for profit margins, and has been going on in the prepared food industry for ages. Remember when a can of coffee weighed a pound? If so, you're old. Even many imported beers have shrunk, down to 11.2oz. The big 25lb bag of pet chow now weighs 22lb. Nothing new here. Most soda companies are also lowering the sugar and caffeine content too. Looks like Bloomberg and the lefties have won this fight.