Saturday 3 February 2018

This is really a BFD!....................from Rico

"Memo Day?" The road from FAKE NEWS to FAKE FREEDOM begins to be exposed.
- More than tea needs to be chucked into the harbor, violators of the 4th Amendment need to be chucked into jail!
It was a gradual process, the systematic corruption of the Republic by "progressives"...much akin to the proverbial boiling of a frog by starting with warm water at first.
- The MSM began by willingly and voluntarily LYING to the people with their FAKE NEWS.
- Now comes the DOJ and FBI who wittingly and willfully used their FAKE FISA in order to SPY on the people.
This is exactly how you end up with FAKE FREEDOM.
- Ignoring the frantic "spin" by the criminals, their enablers, and abettors, consider this: the willful, witting, voluntary, and intentional LYING TO, and SPYING UPON American citizens for political purposes is a REAL PROBLEM.
It's also a serious crime akin to treason.
- To badly quote Joe Biden "this is a really big f**king deal!"

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