Thursday, 29 March 2018

Starbucks, Coffee. Bacon..................from Rico

I 'lifted' the first attachment from Wirecutter. At first, I thought to myself "I resemble that remark" but then I realized I do never go to Starbucks.
- They are an uber-Leftist company with a hugely over-priced crappy product (they buy the cheapest beans, burn them to mask the low-quality, then mix-in additives to further hide the crappiness), and Libtards seem to just love getting $crewed there to enjoy their double-soy-latte-Fwench-almond foo-foo specials (or whatever the Hell is served there which seems to be anything BUT good black coffee).
- Well, there's that, plus the whole setup is kinda gay...I guess another reason Liberals like to go there, it's a safe space for them.
I drink my coffee & chicory black and strong, which compliments the flavor of the bacon...and then I feel grateful.

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