Monday, 2 April 2018

D is for Disrespectful.................from Rico

I almost glossed-over the first attachment, having remembered the shameful 'demonstration' of the Democrats at Trump's first SOTU (State of the Union), notable ONLY for what they did not (and obviously DO not) stand for.
- But then I 'wondered' WTF was with all the serape's?
Aha! Instead of doing anything tangible or constructive (par for the course with today's Democrats-CP USA) they were 'making a fashion statement' by wearing Ghanian-inspired "kente cloths" and pins and scarves.
- In "protest." Against America.
While clearly showing Americans what they do NOT stand for (anything good for America), and what they DO stand for (nothing good for Americans), Democrats have become synonymous for DISPRESPECTFUL.
- That IS worth remembering the next chance you have to vote.
There's this wonderful Wakanda-land called Liberia that would welcome your "brain trust" with open arms, Democrat scum.
- You deserve to be there, and we are 'unworthy' to have you here...or to tolerate your tribal bullshit anylonger.
Get thee hence!

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Drew458 said...

Yes, wonderful Liberia, a republic made by Abe Lincoln for all the freed slaves. Who went there and became slave holders themselves.

These days, Liberia is one of the worst shitholes on the planet, >60% illiteracy, most people get by on less than 50 cents a day, utterly corrupt government, and 73% of the GDI is from aid money. But you have to be black to be a citizen. Or be a white chick that they've taken over to the dark side. I am not making any of this up. Not exactly the kind a Wakanda that Marvel wants you to believe in.