Monday, 9 April 2018

Doing the Work Democrats Won't Do................from Rico

From 1919 to 2018, what difference does it make?
In 1919 the US had 18,500 troops on the US-Mexican border.
- The NYT wrote: "Twice daily every foot of the borderline is patrolled by cavalry and infantry."
Fast forward to 2018. The US has troops in Afghanistan (14,000), Germany (34,500), Iraq (5,000), Japan (39,000) and Korea (23,000) ...but NO TROOPS on the US-Mexico border and the Democrats (C) are screaming hysterically about Trump wanting to put US troops on the US-Mexico border?
- I don't care what the NYT says anymore, I won't even use it to wrap dead fish or line a bird cage.
What changed 100 years ago?
- More to the point what hasn't changed from 100 years ago?
What changed?
The "Mexican Border Wars" lasted from 1910 to 1919.
a. Mexico was gripped by revolution and on the verge of becoming a failed state.
b. Invasion. There were a series of violent and lethal incursions into the US from Mexico. Property was destroyed, and US citizens were killed.
c. Criminals and Communists were THE problem. While you may vaguely recall the names Pancho Villa and/or Emilio Zapata, you have no clue the Anarcho-Communists were involved and no idea who Magon and his Magonistas were [think: contemporary Antifa and Democrats (C)].
What hasn't changed?
a-c. of the above: MX becoming a failed state, violent and lethal border incursions, criminal and Communist involvement.
d. The US still has MEN like Black Jack Pershing [think: Mattis, Trump].

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