Monday, 30 April 2018

Korea: It's About Time.........................from Rico

The Korean War. The war between Communist North Korea (North of the 38th parallel), and Free South Korea lasted from 1950 until 2018.
- The leaders of North and South just met and agreed to end that war.
About goddamned time, it took long enough!
A President Hillary would NOT have changed things on the Korean peninsula one bit. She didn't want to (nor did her Owners), here in her own words, she blabs about having a "pretty good thing going" which, of course, everyone since Truman had the sense NOT to say while managing to do exactly nothing about it themselves.
- Hillary likes to run her mouth before engaging whatever minimal brain she has. [Remember her "we came, we saw, he died" giggling interview about Libya?]
I don't care WHO you are, or WHAT your politics are...or for that matter your personal position re: Trump, he gets things done as opposed to merely talking about getting things done (which all of his talking-head predecessors did).
- It will be interesting, and probably great good fun, to watch the presstitutes of the MSM and the other crapweasels and twatwaffles of the 'establishment' try to spin this development as somehow either 'no big deal' or a 'bad thing'...just you watch.
Meanwhile, take a look at a recent photo of the Korean peninsula at night from the International Space Station.
- It speaks volumes about what Communism can 'do' for you, and what not having Communists (or Democrats) run things 'for' you.

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