Sunday, 15 April 2018

Triple the Crazy? 3 California's?.....................from Rico

Since the proposed ballot referendum had double the required signatures to allow voting on this, it looks like California voters will get to decide whether California should be split into three states of roughly equal populations:
- North California
- South California
- California [essentially greater Los Angeles]
OK, at first blush it seems a good idea to let the Liberals have their own state along the Left coast, especially on the Pacific-side of the earthquake fault line.
BUT adding FOUR more Senators [NoCal & SoCal] from the Left Coast?
- Not a good idea at all. That would triple the potential for crazy from California!
Can you imagine TWO MORE Governor Moonbeams?
- The one they already have is too many [yeah, I'm talking to YOU Jerry Brown, you drug-addled Commie-hippie!].
While it might offer the House some 'relief' from the absolutely batshit crazy women the Libturds love to send to Washington, DC [Pelosi, Waters, Boxer, Feinstein...] by shifting existing Representative seats to NoCal and SoCal, it's still a gamble.
- Giving NoCal and SoCal one Senator each, and declaring coastal California [LA] a trust territory, protectorate, or a 'reservation' for Libtards might make this a workable concept. Maybe.
We could make Puerto Rico a State instead of California, and make California a territory instead of a State.
- Senators and Rep's from PR instead of from CA, and the number of stars on the flag remains 50. Works for me.


edutcher said...

Problem is, each one would still be dominated by Lefty enclaves.

Mark Matis said...

I hate to break this to you, but PR is every bit as much a shithole as Mexifornia.

At best, your proposed change is break even. And it has potential to be FAR worse than the status quo.

Anonymous said...

I am going to vote for it. I want to see how it all changes things in this state for the worst. The libturds have been working on this for many years, so let them have it. Turn these states all into mexafornia, and see how hollywird and sacramento come crashing down into a pile of poo.

Eskyman said...

Lefties are always pointing out that the USA has "higher death rate than England/Australia/Europe" or wherever, because guns. But if you take out big Democrat-run cities, like Chicago, Detroit, L.A. and Baltimore, you find that the death rate is LOWER than those paradises where guns are banned.

In the same way, if you take San Franfreako and Lost Angeles out of the state, you end up with a state full of redneck Republicans! In Northern California, most of the counties are "shall-issue," and they're real Americans. Lots of conservatives down around San Diego, too; but we all have one thing in common: NONE of us have votes that count for anything!

This entire state was purposefully made into a one-party state, mostly by Democrats; partly by illegal aliens voting (for Democrats, of course) and partly by Establishment GOP jerks who don't want to rock the gravy train they're on.

For that reason I'm FOR breaking up California! Make North and South California GOLDEN AGAIN!

nina sage said...

Pooro Wrecko. Still has trash blowing about from the last three hurricanes.Gated second floor windows as security gives a hint of the neighborhood.Homemade hooch for sale, and chickens in the roads. This once Virgin Isle, isn't.