Thursday 12 April 2018

Vote Democrat and Live the Dream!....................from Rico

Today's Democrats (C) are living specimens and tangible proof of the Dunning-Kruger effect [read: why stupid people are so sure they are not stupid].
Instead of looking at all the failed major Cities that have suffered decades of Democrat control [think: Detroit, Chicago, et al], let's look at the State-level instead.
California is now a bankrupt failed State that is Illinois with palm trees and better weather.
- Both States are Democrat-controlled.
- Both States are proof that Democrats destroy everything they touch.
- Both States are great arguments to vote Democrat, and to vote Democrat often.
Vote Democrat and live the Dream!


Anonymous said...

and of course the people who have the dunning-kruger effect it's all because of white privilege that other people don't know how smart theses people are.

Anonymous said...

Get out of mexafornia NOW while you can!!!
It is NOT going to get any better as time goes on.
This is a lost state to the union of states, there is not way of saving it.
enter this state and abandon all hope.