Sunday, 6 May 2018

Above the Law and Beneath Contempt.....................from Rico

John Kerry began his 'career' skirting treason by falsely testifying about 'atrocities' before Congress in 1971 (lying and slandering the US military to advance himself) so it should not really be any surprise that 'socialist sabotage' comes so easily to him today.
- Don't forget he and Jane Fonda were 'bosom buddies' and birds of a feather back in the '70's too, for which all Americans hold them in equally low esteem to this day.
Fast forward to 2018, and Obama's second-worst SecState (after HMF Hillary Clinton) is violating the Logan Act and acting as an enemy agent.
- Yes, Hanoi John as a private citizen is conducting 'secret' foreign policy behind America's back and colluding with Iran to undermine official U.S. Foreign Policy by advising them how to handle Trump and 'save' the suicidal Obama 'Nuke Deal" Barry & Kerry are so invested in as their 'legacy.'
- Kerry has also been colluding with German and Fwench officials to the same purpose as well.
So, let me get this straight:
- Actually colluding with foreign powers against America is somehow OK, if Democrats (C) do it, BUT
- Trump fictionally colluding with Russia because Democrats (C) falsely claim that he did is somehow NOT OK and maybe even impeachable?
Branco, as always, nails the essence of it with this cartoon.
- Barry & Kerry...(Hell, all Democrats)...will do anything. Period.

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Mark Matis said...

Not just the Democrats, but also the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill as well.