Sunday, 13 May 2018

Curiouser and Curiouser, the Iran Nuke 'Deal'...............fromRico

- Now things are getting really interesting!
The Iranian regime has just threatened to release the names [read: out the crooks] of Western officials who took bribes to pass the Iran Nuclear 'Deal'...
- How very interesting would THAT be?
Is the hysteria and vitriol over Trump walking-away from a very bad obviously bad deal...that never was a 'deal' at all but a SCAM making sense now?
- Or those pallets of CASH Barry flew to the Mullah's?
- Or the 'mystery' of Kerry secretly meeting multiple times with Iranian officials about the deal?
- Or the EUropean 'leaders' breaking with Trump and saying they're staying with the deal?
What can one really expect from people that are fundamentally rotten to their very core?
- You can take Vegas-odds that Kerry is NOT the only one shitting himself at the prospect of being revealed as CORRUPT and a TREASONOUS wretch.
The 'special sauce' topping this entire shit souffle' is Iran 'admitting' that it paid BRIBES just after having been revealed by Israel as massively cheating on the self-same 'deal' Barry and his co-conspirators cooked up...and profited from.
This is almost worth tuning in the MSM to see how they manage to not cover this story and/or tap-dance around it.
- Almost.

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