Monday 7 May 2018

John 'Hanoi Rose' McCain...................from Rico

The Left and the Democrats (C) has the sadz...they are losing one of their own, and a loyal Senator, John McStain.
- BFF to Teddy Kennedy, vocal defender of Barry, and reliable supporter of the goals and ideals of the Democrat Party, they will all miss him.
And, true to his character, he remains an asshole to the very end. Barry Soetoro, Jane Fonda and Joe Lieberman, et al will doubtless all be in attendance to pay their respects, but he doesn't want Trump there.
- Trump should do as Mark Twain once said "I did not attend the funeral, but sent a nice letter approving of it."
For my part, having left the military and vowing to never stand in line again, I will not be pissing on his grave. Don't be Harsh! you say? After all, he's a hero you say? I consider him a traitor. Consider this:
- 33 POW's faced execution for treason after Vietnam, McPain was one of them.
- He betrayed his fellow POW's [call sign: "song bird"] regularly ratting them out to their captors.
- He revealed procedures that helped kill other fliers.
- Then there was that propaganda recording he made for Hanoi.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Hanoi will be kind enough to return his balls for the funeral.

Mark Matis said...

My sincere prayer is that Songbird McShame suffers excruciating pain for the rest of his life, however short it may be. And that everyone who attends his funeral contracts a terminal disease and joins him soon along with his buddy Teddy "Swim, bitch!" Kennedy in a warmer climate.

I wonder if Mueller and Clapper and Brennan and Comey and Lynch and Kerry and Holder will be there, along with every one of the Shrubs and all the Clintons and the Obamas? Talk about true justice for a change!