Friday, 18 May 2018

On the Origin of the Feces................from Rico

America and the Free World is not only now witness to history being made, but 'living' history in this moment.
- The almost daily revelations of abuse of power, criminal conspiracy, violation of every existing ethical and moral standard, and still-emerging worse activities by the Democrats aka the Obama Regime (and the presumptive-but-aborted Hillary Regime) are much like peeling an onion.
In other words, the 'unmasking' of Democrats for what they are at their very core today.
- Thoroughly rotten.
More to the point, we are observing first-hand political Darwinism in reverse...the devolution of "progressive" Democrats into something even lower than the Leninist-Socialist pond scum we already know them to be right before our very eyes.
Presented are the dust-jackets for Volumes I & II of the now-being-revealed "On the Origin of the Feces."
- Watergate and the Blue Dress have become minor footnotes in a story so YUGE none of us have ever seen the like.

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