Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Democrat's have a surefire Winner in ObamaCare..................from Rico

Nancy Pelosi is very openly saying that she, as Speaker, along with her Democrat apparatchiks, will repeal Tax Reform and raise taxes.
- That's a really 'interesting' strategy for the 2018 mid-term elections.
Will she and the Donks (C) next double-down on stupid and 'run' on ObamaCare?
- After all, she famously declared 'it had to be passed to "see" what was in it.'
And now you all KNOW what was inside this steaming legislative turd.
- More shit.
It would be an equally 'interesting' 2018 strategy for the Dem's to talk about the 2019 ObamaCare rate increases that are coming.
- For example: In 2019 Virginia is looking at a 64% increase in premiums, and Maryland a 91% increase in premiums. 
Yep! That's a sure winner for the Dem's to campaign on!

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