Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Tommy Robinson And The War Against The White Working Class...............from Dan T

The arrest and jailing of citizen journalist Tommy Robinson has ignited a storm of protest across the planet that no one expected. This is particularly true of the British ruling elite and their agents in the establishment who’s continuing harassment of Mr. Robinson has become an obsession.

The burning question is this: with the well-publicised collapse of law and order in Great Britain, especially in blood-soaked and terrorised London, why does an inarticulate working-class rogue from Luton scare the ruling elite so much they go to such lengths to remove him from circulation?

To understand the reason, one must go back to the election of The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, back in 1979. Up to that point the ruling elite were progressing with the managed decline of Great Britain in preparation for its absorption into the long planned centrally controlled, borderless European Union superstate.

To the horror of the big government tax and spend establishment Mrs.Thatcher was a staunch advocate free market economics and individual liberty and to add to their consternation she despised the European Economic Community (the precursor to the current EU) and refused to accept that Great Britain’s glory days were over.

The rise to power of Mrs. Thatcher halted the managed decline of Great Britain and set back the EU superstate project for decades. The visceral hatred of Mrs.Thatcher continues unabated to this day even inside her own Conservative Party.

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