Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Liberalism's One Way Street................from Rico

Def: Liberalism, v. Einwegstrasse [translation: one way street]; a mental disorder.
Liberalism is a one way street, and it's the wrong way but they are too deluded to understand they are heading into oncoming objective reality. Bug, meet windshield.
- Heading against sanity, all that is reasonable, and not just on the wrong side of history...but of humanity.
If I were to say "wrong way, Jose" they'd call me raaaaacisssst, and not 'get' the joke. 
Q: Why?
A: Because they ARE the joke.
So it's OK for Libturds to force a 'normal' to bake a cake against their beliefs, and perfectly OK to refuse service to a 'normal' because you are against their beliefs? Think about that one for a moment.
- You 'one-way' fuckers, you're heading the wrong way...and you want to 'lead' everyone else?
No way, Jose!
- Get real or get bent.....

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