Thursday, 28 June 2018

Watching HISTORY unfold.....................from Rico

Thanks to the Commiecrats (D), the World is watching historic events unfold in real time.
- I never thought I'd live to be eye witness to such things!
Maxine Waters has now channeled the Rev Al 'Tawana' Sharpton's famous "Resist we much" speech and created her own "Violence we much" historic moment.
- "Violence we much, and we will much - about that - be committed."
The entire Marxicrat Party (D), in a historic shift even further to the radical Left, is now openly defending everyone except Americans, and supporting anything except the Constitution.
- And all the while Democrat (C) Hank Johnson continues to keep Guam from 'tipping' over by sheer virtue of his massive intellect.
After watching Obama transform American political history by making Carter the second worst President of the United States, we now see Trump making Reagan the second best President of the United States.
- And...remember this every day...Hillary Clinton is historically NOT the President of the United States.
Are these GREAT DAYS we're living, or what?!

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Mark Matis said...

Carter still remains the WORST president of this country. By far. The Shah of Iran was our very good ally until Jimmeh "Killer Rabbit" Cahtuh drove him from power. How much better would the world be if Jimmeh's momma had a fourth trimester abortion?