Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Book of the Month - We Spoke in Whispers by Edward Denmark

Edward Denmark grew up in in a typical council house of the type that can be found up and down the country. There, the similarity with everyday families ends and the recipe for hardship and tragedy begins to unfold. Edward spent a long period in hospital with illness at a young age and after being nursed back to health he went home to start a life with his two brothers and seven sisters and parents. With such a large family life was desperate from the start. However, desperation was to become the least of his young worries when alcohol addiction took control of his Mother’s life. From that point on it became more of a fight to survive the hunger, bullying and misery. Yet remarkably he still found moments to laugh and be happy. It really is a journey of contrasts from utter sorrow and sadness to hilarious escapades. It is therefore even more surprising to discover where he ended up and the final blow.

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