Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Communism. Isn't it romantic? Ask Venezuela....................from Rico

Communism is a demonstrably failed philosophy, but it sure grabs the 'imagination' of the ignorant romantics doesn't it?
- Lenin, Stalin heroes?
- Murderous Che Guevara, an icon?
- Chavez of Venezuela, economic genius?
- Bernie Sanders, or that faux-Bronx chica from uber-rich Westchester America's darlings, just give 'em a chance?
Yeah, the MSM is just as much of the ignorati as the political class and the revolutionary wannabe's.
- I guess that's why THIS is not being exactly covered by the media. Another Victory for Communism!
Weimar? Zimbabwe? Best watch your asses!
- Venezuela is set to hip-check you aside and make hyperinflation history!
Communist Venezuela's inflation rate just hit 46,306% and annualizes at 482,153%!
- Huzzah Chavismo!
A millionaire in Venezuela is now worth about 29-cents US, for a little while yet.
- Food prices are UP 183% in the past month.
Take heart, struggle on, march forward!
- Mexico's AMLO (Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) can do this for his people!
- America's Democrats (C) can do this for you!

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