Monday, 16 July 2018

Friday the 13th for the Swamp?....................from Rico

Hmmm...striking-off the chains of the Deep State?
Friday the 13th the White House (not to be confused with the Red Shed formerly occupied by Barry and often called Barry's House of Sodomy by Reggie Love & friends) ORDERED the DOJ and FBI to turn over ALL documents to Congress UNREDACTED.
POTUS is THE ultimate decider of what is, and what is not, classified.
- NO ONE can over-rule him, not even SCOTUS.
If either Wray (FBI) or Rosenstein (DOJ), or both, refuse to comply with these orders POTUS has the authority to say "You're Fired" free from ANY 'politics.'
- They can then be replaced by anyone Trump selects.
Mess with the bull, you get the horns.
Well played sir. Well played.

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Anonymous said...

About 2 months late. The present mental breakdown of the left claiming Trump is a Russian agent is possibly due to the soon to be released FBI data.