Friday, 13 July 2018

NATO, what is it good for? Absolutely nuthin'....................from Rico

Once upon a time NATO served a valid purpose. Once.
- Post WWII Western Europe was faced with an Iron Curtain and the Soviet-occupied Warsaw Pact, and Berlin was divided into East and West (just like Germany itself was). America faced the Communist USSR.
The USSR [read: CCCP] aka Soviet Union is long extinct, the Berlin 'Wall' was torn down as Reagan once demanded of Gorbachov, and Germany is united.
- America is on the brink of turning Socialist and the original NATO members have 'lost the peace' by becoming Socialists (who are welcoming occupation by the Islamic Jizrah), while the only SANE and reasonable people remaining are members of the former-Warsaw Pact who remember what life was like when occupied by a hostile foreign power [read: Communists-Socialists].
So exactly what is the 'purpose' of NATO today?
- What is NATO 'good' for?
One YUGE clue is this: America's Socialists are at one in 'solidarity' with EUrope's Socialists in wanting to keep NATO (which, as all good Socialist ideas are, is paid-for with other people's this case, largely the US taxpayer's money, which funds 69% of a useless and defunct organization; gee, I just defined Socialism-Communism in two words).
- Having 'missed' taking Patton's advice to continue East and destroy Russian Communism, it's not too late to say to NATO "you're fired" and to consider a new organization framed upon the former Warsaw Pact countries.

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