Thursday, 26 July 2018

Probably THE coolest lawnmower ever....

I 'gave' my last lawnmower to a down-and-out friend who was trying to start his own lawn mowing/lawn services business. Instead of looking for a 'handout' or collecting welfare [read: taxpayer dollars] to sit on his ass, he chose to get up off his ass, dust hisself off, and work.
I no longer 'need' a lawn mower, my 'lawn' is acres of woodlands that pretty much takes care of itself. I do need, and have, a chainsaw however.
- BUT if I HAD to have a lawnmower, it sould HAVE to look just like this. [see attached]
A retro-1951 Indian motorcycle lawnmower.

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Anonymous said...

Despite the cute deal, it's NOT a 1951 Indian. It is a completely custom one-off DIY creation.