Monday, 30 July 2018

US GDP Good, BUT...................from Rico

The first Quarter Trump was in office as President, the US GDP grew at 2.55%.
- Higher than 6 of the 8 years the fraud Barry was in office.
- Higher than 5 of the 8 years Shrub was in office.
OR, put another way
A higher growth rate than Barry's 8 year average of 2.05% and GW's 8 years of 1.79%. 
Compared to the average GDP rate from 1Q1953 to 1Q2018 of 2.95% it is a good first showing.
- Lowering the TAX and REGULATORY burden just gace the US a very respectable 2Q GDP of 4.1%, BUT...
The YUGE steaming pile o'debt that Barry dumped on the happy taxpayer (he doubled the deficit accrued by ALL prior US Presidents single-handedly.....awww, horse shit, he scooped up the debt with both hands like any good Socialist) needs to be dealt with next.

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