Saturday, 11 August 2018

Deport.them.all........from Rico

It's hard to connect-the-dots and draw rational conclusions if you rely upon the MSM.

- Take away: The "religion of peace" wants to kill you.


Case in point: that New Mexico Compound.

- It was training children to perpetrate mass school shootings. For Islam.

- They were radical Islamic Jihadists (but CNN suppressed the term "Muslim Extremists" from their reporting).

- It's presence was known, but the FBI stalled to the point that local authorities intervened out of frustration.

- Linda Sarsour, Democrat (C) "star" has connections to radical Islam, and to this compound by extension.

- Honcho of compound was the son of a radical Muslim Imam, Sarsour's mentor.


Time to start "profiling" and "jailing" and "deporting"...

- Fookin' savages using the system against itself has to stop.


Oh, did I neglect to mention the body of a wee child discovered buried on this Jihadist compound?

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Anonymous said...

don’t forget that the basis of this outpost was from a convert to the savage ideology - the father was already within our borders before he converted and raised the son who built this compound. the ideology is the problem