Friday, 3 August 2018

It's gone 'septic' and we must amputate or you will die...................from Rico

The New York Times was once called the "Grey Lady" and was the 'newspaper of record' for the USA.
- They claimed "All the news that's fit, we print."
Once upon a time.
- Their latest 'editor' is a perfect fit for them! Racist, bigot, Lefturdium Maximus Septisis!
The "Grey Lady" has now morphed from an "Old Grey Mare" not as good as she used to be, to an "Old Grey Whore" serving the Left, and definitely NOT as good even once, as she ever used to be.
- She is now the mouth piece of the COMINTERN, and a toothless old whore.
- Their Leftard motto now might as well be "All the news that's shit, we print" having fully-embraced the failed philosophy that has also given America the Failed Bureau of Investigation.
America's Left is a septic tank, and has become itself septic. Toxic.
- I put down the NYT down a long time ago and quit reading it, now it's past time to put this rag 'down' permanently.


grayjohn said...

All the news that's shit, we print.

grayjohn said...

2018 NYT: All the news that's SHIT, we print.

grayjohn said...

NYT 2018: All the news that's shit, we print.

Mark Matis said...

The "Grey Lady" has for many years been instead the "Gay Lady".

And their actual motto is instead:

All the "news" that fits our views!

Ken Mitchell said...

We should (metaphorically, of course) hang Sarah Jeong around A.G. Sulzberger's neck, like the albatross around the neck of the Ancient Mariner. Change the text on the NYT's masthead from "All the news that's fit to print" to a rotating selection of Jeong's vile tweets. Make the NYT _own_ their racist editorial staff.