Friday, 24 August 2018

Mass Murder...........from Rico

This is a bigger mass murder than Las Vegas, but there are no cries to "ban illegals" like there were to "ban guns"...why?

- Eight years of Obama x 5,000 dead US citizens per year = 40,000 dead Americans.

- Two more years of Democrat and RINO obstruction, makes that another 10,000 dead Americans.


Why no outcry from Democrats?

- Compare a body-count of 50,000 against the several million illegals who voted Democrat in 2016 and you'll understand exactly why.


"Open borders, no wall, no USA at all" and "impeach Trump" is the Democrat campaign strategy and battle cry for 2018.

- They want to Party like it's Venezuela!


When you VOTE in 2018, ask yourself when was the last time Democrats 'stood' up for Americans?

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