Wednesday, 8 August 2018

News. Good news. Better news...........from Rico

Would the media aka MSM lie?

- Oh, no...say it ain't so!



Despite endless examples of media 'spin' and 'bias' many still believe something mustbe true if they read it in the paper or saw it on the TV, seemingly unaware of the brave MSM attempts to protect them from reality and the facts.

- Nope. No "fake news" here, now move along.


Good news.

How about a break from the 24/7 Russia-Russia-Russia drumbeat for a change? Try this for "good news"...

- When was the last time you heard a peep about West Nile Virus?

- Swine flu?

- Bird flu?

Apparently these have all 'gone away'...(just like the vaunted "Blue Wave" already has).


Better news.

Hillary is NOT President (now if she'd just 'go away'...).

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