Thursday, 2 August 2018

Promises, promises, and pensions................from Rico

Politicians make promises. Lots of promises.
- They break them, too.
Pensions are promises, and US state and local pensions are no exception...they are political promises, and happen to be promises that cannot be kept, or paid for.
- Unless...
The political gasbags have over-promised and under delivered big time with pensions.
- Take a look at the six worst states, and an even closer look at ILLINOIS.
The math is simple, and brutal, yet somehow Porny Daniels, Climate Change, the Mueller investigation, and other completely made-up shit ad nauseum are what the presstitutes are presenting as "news"...I guess because math is hard for Lefties. There are solutions, but look at them and then reconsider why they aren't talked about much:
- Raise taxes. A lot.
- Cut benefits paid. A lot.
- BOTH. A lot.
This has already gotten ugly, possibly beyond repair. It is too late to avoid the shortfall and collapse.
- It's going to get worse, and not better.

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